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Git Time Lapse

I am a big fan of time lapse photography so one day I wondered whether it could be used in web development.

I do a lot of prototyping and I thought it would be nice to have a video that would show the evolution of the product I am working on. I could show the video to my clients and I think it could also give me insights regarding how and why I made some decisions.

It could be simple script that would look into a git repo commit history and take screenshots of a given URL for example.

A couple of days ago I decided to write something in python using selenium for the screenshots and the gitpython library to access the git repo.

The code is on my github profile: https://github.com/johnlucas/gittimelapse

I ran the script on one of my web projects then I used all the generated sreenshots to make the slideshow video below with iPhoto on mac.

The ultimate idea is to generate the video automatically, perhaps using the opencv library.  I would also like to overlay the video with a timeline showing git comments and dates.

I’ve tried the script with a few rails apps. It works well if there are not too many significant changes to the code base structure or db structure. It should work with any web apps though, as long as the browser reloads the repo automatically.

Please feel free to try and fork the code and please please let me know any comments or suggestions!

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